2015 USHSL Meeting Agenda; Recruiting

Here is the agenda for our upcoming meeting on November 14:

  1. 9:30am – 10:00am: Welcome, Pancakes, Introduction to USHSL, Dues (new members, renewing members, adjust 2014 active/nonactive member fee)
  1. 10:00am – 10:10am: Introductions

(We need a quorum of 8 Members in Good Standing in attendance to continue onto agenda item #3.)

  1. 10:10am – 10:20am: Approval of the 2014 Business meeting minutes
  1. 10:20am – 11:00am: Reports
  • Chair – John
  • Procedures – Claire
  • Treasurer – Shawn
  • Web – May


— 1. Directory of members – John
— 2. Mentorship program – Darell
— 3. Member Library Tours – open
— 4. Outreach – Select and promote a “cause” (e.g. MS, autism, organ donation). Attend                 health fairs as a participant/exhibitor – open
— 5. Identify journals useful for members  – open
— 6. MCMLA Group Site Conference – John

  1. 11:00am – 11:10am: Vote for Incoming Chair. This is a 3 year commitment. One year as incoming chair (duties will be negotiated and added to Procedures Manual) and 2 years as Chair.
  1. 11:10am – 11:55am: 2015-2016 Activities
  1. 11:55am – noon: 2016 Business Meeting – Pick a date and location – please bring your calendar!
  1. Other
  1. Noon, or as close to  – Adjourn


Please think of people who would make good members of USHSL and send their names and contact information to John Bramble at ushsl@ushsl.org. Also, be sure to let John know if they are coming to the meeting so that he can plan for food and chairs.

See you on the 14th!

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