2016 Business Meeting Recap

The 2016 USHLS Business meeting was again held at John Bramble’s house on December 03 2016. Because it was a morning meeting and John likes cook with Costco, there was an assortment of hot and cold breakfast treats, coffee, tea, juice, and more.  There was a ton of leftover for some reason.

There were seven members in attendance with four who sent their regrets due to conflicts. Attending member voted John Bramble to continue as chair through 2018. Of the appointed positions, Shawn Steidinger graciously agreed to continue as treasurer. May Ryan, stepped down as webmaster with many thanks from USHSL. Shirley Zhao agreed to take on the responsibilities left open by May

The meeting went as most meeting do…approval of the last year’s minutes, Treasure’s Report (thanks Shawn), get more coffee, reports on the past year’s activities, etc. Reports of note were: the Treasure’s report showed that we are doing pretty well financially, the report on the new Policies and Procedures lead by Claire Hamasu, a big effort and big step to becoming a full fledge organization, and the Marketing team reported a very active year with adding our presence to the social media world and designing cool pens to promote USHSL.

Probably the most fun at these meets are looking forward and planning what to do next. Lots of great ideas were shared. John will be developing the core benefits of membership. Things like presentation practice,resume/CV review, job interview practice, recruitment of librarians into health science librarianship, mentorship, member meet-ups, grant writing, letters of support, etc. Stacy is looking into how to spotlight members and what cool things they are doing plus put a spotlight on non-members as well. Shawn is planning activities around October Health Literacy Month and seeing about joining forces with ULA, Health Literacy Coalition, etc. Claire is working on member-meetups where library tours and social. Nena will be working with Shirley to develop content for our social media posts.Shirley was not able to come but would like to add a consumer health column to the website, monthly Facebook/Twitter chats that focus on consumer health, data, precision medicine. She’d like to see professional development resources focusing on data science and its role in health care delivery.

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