MCMLA Highlights

MCMLA held their annual meeting virtually this year. It was a huge success!

Did you know that MCMLA has a Twitter account, and they kept a live feed of their meeting highlights? You can view them here. Search for #MCMLA2015 to see photos such as this:

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1. 2015 MCMLA Virtual Meeting 2. Next USHSL Business Meeting

MCMLA logo

Hopefully you’ve been able to register to attend the 2015 MCMLA Virtual Meeting. It looks incredible!

For those who wanted to go but didn’t register: while the registration date is past for this year’s meeting, it might be helpful or inspiring to look at the upcoming program and make a note to plan to attend next year.

Virtual Flyer

Regarding our 2015 USHSL Business Meeting, we are still trying to determine a date when all members and potential members can attend. Stay tuned.

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Our Next Business Meeting — Save the Date!


At our 2014 annual meeting, we agreed for our 2015 meeting to coincide with the MCMLA conference, October 8 and 9. USHSL is co-sponsoring the conference with the Eccles Health Sciences Library.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned!

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MLA Continuing Education Activity


On March 20, 2015 a group consisting of USHSL members, students, and other professionals gathered at John B’s house to watch a rebroadcast of “APPsense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Mobile Resources in Health Sciences.” The presenters discussed a number of mobile medical apps in several aspects: purpose, accessibility, usability, and cost. After the presentation the group talked about what they observed and made an effort to network get to know each other better. Everyone had a great time!

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Updates and News: Emporia, Taking HeaRT, and Call for Leaders

Emporia Cohort XI
USHSL member Dale Monobe, invited John Bramble to sit on a panel to talk about USHSL and health sciences librarianship for Emporia’s Cohort XI. There were 11 students who are interested in learning more about our group. John will be emailing them an invite to the MLA Webcast Replay party and instructions on how to join.

John reached out to current Chair of the Utah Library Association Health Round Table, Jason Francis, who has agreed to promote our group at the HeaRT meeting and any sponsored session. John has also invited him to join our group.

Leaders for Actions
We need someone to take on leading us on the following action items we agreed to do this year. Please consider taking one of these.

  1. Networking with members emphasis on supporting and mentoring each other:
  • Taking tours of member libraries to learn about their methods of providing services
  • Visiting with: Medical Librarians, exhibits, autopsy labs, Primary Children’s Medical Center
  • Developing a mentorship program for entry level librarians to work with seasoned librarians on things like research projects where they can offer feedback, help with publishing, etc.
  • Creating members only Member Directory (DONE)
  1. Outreach to the community – Select and promote a “cause” (e.g. MS, autism, organ donation). Attend health fairs as a participant/exhibitor.
  2. Identify journals useful for MIGS that can help them stay knowledgeable in the area of librarianship.


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October 3, 2014 was the very first business meeting!

The first meeting of the Utah Society of Health Sciences Librarians was held on Friday October 3rd, 2014.

To view the minutes, go a head and click here (members only!)

Wanna become a member? Email us at

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October 3rd – Attend our first meeting!

The first meeting of the Utah Society of Health Sciences Librarians will be held on Friday October 3rd, 2014.

We have lots to do to and we’d love for everyone who is interested to join us in getting this new organization off to a great start!

Below you will find an agenda for the meeting. Please take a minute to review the current draft of of our Bylaws in preparation and think about some ideas for item #8: “What activities would engage and benefit you this year?”

See you in October!


Meeting Agenda 5:30 – 8:00

1. Pay dues, eat, and socialize
2. Networking Activity
3. Review bylaws
4. Vote on bylaws
5. Election of Chair
6. Shall we apply for a 501c3 status?
7. Organization of committees and appointed officials: Chair
i. Treasurer
ii. Website Manager
iii. Policy and procedures – to write the policy and procedure manual
iv. Activities – to organize and schedule the activities and the next business meeting
v. 501c3 (tentative) – to submit the paperwork to establish
8. Decide activities for the 2014-2015 year:
“What activities would engage and benefit you this year?“
9. Meeting Adjourned

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