Updates and News: Emporia, Taking HeaRT, and Call for Leaders

Emporia Cohort XI
USHSL member Dale Monobe, invited John Bramble to sit on a panel to talk about USHSL and health sciences librarianship for Emporia’s Cohort XI. There were 11 students who are interested in learning more about our group. John will be emailing them an invite to the MLA Webcast Replay party and instructions on how to join.

John reached out to current Chair of the Utah Library Association Health Round Table, Jason Francis, who has agreed to promote our group at the HeaRT meeting and any sponsored session. John has also invited him to join our group.

Leaders for Actions
We need someone to take on leading us on the following action items we agreed to do this year. Please consider taking one of these.

  1. Networking with members emphasis on supporting and mentoring each other:
  • Taking tours of member libraries to learn about their methods of providing services
  • Visiting with: Medical Librarians, exhibits, autopsy labs, Primary Children’s Medical Center
  • Developing a mentorship program for entry level librarians to work with seasoned librarians on things like research projects where they can offer feedback, help with publishing, etc.
  • Creating members only Member Directory (DONE)
  1. Outreach to the community – Select and promote a “cause” (e.g. MS, autism, organ donation). Attend health fairs as a participant/exhibitor.
  2. Identify journals useful for MIGS that can help them stay knowledgeable in the area of librarianship.


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